HELO Orphanage in Haiti

HELO's Mission

alt HELO’s mission is to provide Home Education Love and Opportunity to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti. We currently have three homes, each housing a family unit: adult caretakers and 12-15 children. Our dreams include elementary and vocational schools on site, providing the children of HELO a loving environment where they can learn to read and write and then learn a trade.

It is our hope and vision that in providing Haiti’s children a loving home, proper nutrition and education, our children will become self confident, self reliant adults who will leave HELO literate and with a trade to sustain themselves, that they grow to be leaders of their communities and in time, bring change and prosperity to their beautiful land.

Our dreams are great, but the need in Haiti is greater. HELO began with a prayer to save orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti, a prayer lifted up in both Haiti and the USA by two people who knew little of each other, but were led together by this common prayer. It is our prayer that God continue to use HELO to improve the lives of Haiti's children, one at a time.