HELO Orphanage in Haiti


Islande_Medium Last Name: Joseph
First Name: Islande
Date of Birth: 3/2/01
Place of Birth: Chantilly                          
Mother: Deceased
Father: Joseph, Pierre Nelio  HELO_March_2010_185_Medium
Clothing Size: 7
Shoe Size: 2
History:  Islande came to HELO in 2007 after her mother died.  Her father could not care for the seven children. She had not attended school since preschool, but since coming to HELO has excelled.  Islande is very artistic and writes and colors with great care and pride.  Islande is very attentive to the younger children, especially the children in the second home, reaching out in comfort and concern.  She is a delightful, compassionate child.