HELO Orphanage in Haiti



Last Name: Sanon
First Name: Sophia
Date of Birth: 8/20/02
Place of Birth: Camp Perrin                          
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased HELO_March_2010_378_Medium
Clothing Size: 6x
Shoe Size: 1
History: Sophia's father died and her mother, too ill to care for her, sent her to Port au Prince where she lived as a restavec.  She was verbally and physically abused and ultimately sent back to Camp Perrin due to her defiant behavior.  She came to HELO in early 2008 an angry child, Pastor Jean said "if there is trouble in the house, Sophia is there".   Over time Sophia's anger has slipped away, she is excelling in school and is very artistic.  She is a beautiful example of the power of love and hope in the life of a child.