HELO Orphanage in Haiti


Oslunde_Medium Last Name: Vingtienne
First Name: Oslunde
Date of Birth: 6/16/04
Place of Birth: Cayes                          
Mother: Deceased (Baptiste, Dieunie)
Father: Deceased Disaster_Relief_Flight_072_Medium_Small
Clothing Size: 6
Shoe Size: 1
History: Oslunde's parents died, her grandparents could no longer care for her.  She came to HELO in 2007 very malnourished.  She had never attended school, but since coming to HELO has made progress.  Oslunde has a contagious smile, she is very affectionate, but jealous, pinching other children if they come near me or hitting or pushing them away so she does not have to share.  She loves the beach and toys of almost any kind.