HELO Orphanage in Haiti

Jean Davidson


Last Name: 
First Name: Jean Davidson
Date of Birth: 8/15/09
Place of Birth: les Cayes            
Mother: Unknown Jean_Davidson_at_General_Hospital
Father: Unknown
Clothing Size: 4-6 mos
Shoe Size: 
History:  Jean Davidson was abandoned after birth at the General Hospital in Les Cayes, where we discovered him in January while visiting with donations after the earthquake.  He was tiny and severely malnourished and suffering from little stimulation, unfamiliar with human touch.  He was all eyes, a beautiful baby girl, we thought, until the second visit when we bathed him!  We left him with clean clothes, a clean crib and supplies to provide for him until proper documentation was in place and he could be brought to HELO.  Jean Davidson was the first child welcomed into HELO's second family.   In less than a month of love and attention at HELO, he is a chubby little boy who zips around the house in his walker and giggles with glee when he is picked up.  A little love and security can dramatically change the life of a child!