HELO Orphanage in Haiti




Last Name: Chery
First Name: Magdaline
Date of Birth: 3/27/03
Place of Birth:  Pestel                          
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased Magda_3.1.10_Medium
Clothing Size: 5
Shoe Size: 
History:  Magda came to HELO in February after her house collapsed, killing her family.  Magda is an outgoing, cheerful little girl with a beautiful smile.  She had never attended school and is delighted to now attend school with the other children of HELO.  Magda had a wonderful time at the beach, unsure at first, letting sand sift through her fingers, but after watching the other children for a minute, beach-9_Medium she ran right into the water.  She had a wonderful time playing with the other children and going for a ride on Papi Erick!  Magda is a true beauty, inside and out!