HELO Orphanage in Haiti

Sewing, Seeds, Sun & Fun!

A team of eight traveled to Haiti on September 29, 2012 to teach embroidery to the children of HELO. This small team came together from three states: Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. The team prepared different arts and craft activities for the children, from embroidery to cross necklaces, and even brought seeds for planting.


Elisabeth & Sara Kennedy, Shirley Anderson, Cheryl Remsbecer,

Kristin Casey, Ingrid Stock, Janet Lewis and Sue Barker

Girls and boys alike enjoyed Shirley’s embroidery lessons and carefully stitched pre-printed patterns of cars, soccer balls or little animals. Once basic stitches are learned, the children will continue to sharpen their skills with pre-printed towels and aprons to embroider.

sewing3 sewing sewing2 sewing4

Our wonderful translator, Guerson, shared his passion for plants and gardening as each child planted seeds in a plastic cup. Guerson showed them how to gently water the seeds without drowning the plant, and later a parade of children carried their cups on their heads, following Pastor Vilnor to the garden where their treasures will later be planted.

  gardening1 gardening3 gardening2 gardening5

The children also delighted in painting t-shirts and bandanas, again showing off their creativity!

t-shirts1 t-shirts2 t-shirts3 t-shirts4

We rented a bus and took all 50 children, house parents, staff, and teachers to the beautiful Bamboola Beach for a day of fun and laughter in the sun and sea!

beach1 beach2 beach3