HELO Orphanage in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew

After days of agonizing silence following Hurricane Matthew, we finally have some news from Haiti, good and bad:

The good news is no one is injured, everyone -- staff and children -- are okay.

The bad news is we lost roofs on the church, primary school, home 2, and home 3. Children and staff have sought refuge in the new secondary school, which has a concrete roof. Mattresses are ruined, not sure what else, including food in our store rooms. Few buildings are standing in the community where there is heavy wind and flood damage. We are relieved that the children are okay. Buildings can be replaced. Lives cannot.

We are moved by the realization that we completed the primary school just before the earthquake in 2010, and that school became home to many children orphaned by that earthquake. We completed the secondary school just before Hurricane Matthew, which is now home to many of those same children. God is good, faithful, and stronger than any disaster.

We've a lot of work to do, we are so grateful for our faith, your love and your support. We will update you again when we more concrete information about a rebuilding strategy.