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Hartford Courant photographer Cloe Poisson was a member of HELO's August team.  Cloe has written an article about the trip which will be featured in tomorrow's Hartford Courant.  Pick up a copy, or read it on-line at www.courant.com where there will also be a galary of Cloe's beautiful photographs.

It is with heartfelt gratitude, and on behalf of all of us at HELO, that I thank Cloe for the hours of dedication she put into writing this article and carefully selecting photographs.  I look forward to reading the article, in seeing HELO through her eyes, and am truly grateful she made the journey and even entrusted us with beautiful Molly as a bonus! 

God bless you, Cloe, for sharing your talent to further God's work at HELO.  We love you!



Water -- beautiful, clean, pure water!  Praise God!!




Jeff and I had the privilege to meet Dr. Paul Farmer at the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Ceremony.  Dr. Farmer was honored at the event for his humanitarian work throughout the world, and took time after the ceremony to meet with groups from Marist and Vassar Colleges to talk about Haiti. 

Dr. Farmer is amazing, down to earth, and inspiring!  We are still more focused and encouraged to continue to do all we can to help the children of Haiti, and we pray to change Haiti, one child at a time. Paul_Farmer

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We would be delighted to answer any questions about HELO, share travel opportunities, or arrange a presentation at your church, organization or school. 

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                                      Here you will find biographies of the children and the house parents.

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HELO's Mission

alt HELO’s mission is to provide Home Education Love and Opportunity to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti. We currently have three homes, each housing a family unit: adult caretakers and 12-15 children. Our dreams include elementary and vocational schools on site, providing the children of HELO a loving environment where they can learn to read and write and then learn a trade.

It is our hope and vision that in providing Haiti’s children a loving home, proper nutrition and education, our children will become self confident, self reliant adults who will leave HELO literate and with a trade to sustain themselves, that they grow to be leaders of their communities and in time, bring change and prosperity to their beautiful land.

Our dreams are great, but the need in Haiti is greater. HELO began with a prayer to save orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti, a prayer lifted up in both Haiti and the USA by two people who knew little of each other, but were led together by this common prayer. It is our prayer that God continue to use HELO to improve the lives of Haiti's children, one at a time.

HELO's History

alt HELO, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Connecticut. HELO is a 501c3 certified charity pursuant to IRS regulations and guidelines. 

Pastor Jean Phares Beaucejour has worked tirelessly in Cayes, building churches and schools, yet dreamed of starting an orphanage. Elisabeth Kennedy had been working in Haiti for years and met Pastor Beaucejour in March of 2006 on a medical mission. Throughout the next year, the two became aware of their mutual dream through prayer and conversation and forged this partnership, co-founding HELO in June 2007. Pastor Jean Phares Beaucejour handles HELO’s work in Haiti, Elisabeth handles the work in the USA, and both travel periodically to work together in each country.

HELO’s first home opened in November 2007, renting a home near Camp Perrin with wonderful house parents, cook and teacher. Children were taught at the house, and we soon saw proof that Home Education Love and Opportunity can change the life of a child.

A beautiful parcel of land nearby the rented house became available in November 2008, and by the grace of God we were able to put a deposit down to hold the land. In April 2009 the land was purchased and our dreams continued to unfold by breaking ground for a school in September. A wonderful Christmas party was held in December 2009 for the community, an introduction and celebration of God’s blessings on HELO.

The tragic earthquake in January put an abrupt end to our joy and celebration. Our hearts ached for this land we love. In an effort to respond quickly to the cries of Haiti’s children, HELO began construction of a small home and brought tents to HELO’s property to immediately take in children orphaned by the earthquake. After searching for loving staff, house parents were hired and a second home opened in early February.  We immediately started building a third home, and on July 1, 2010 took in an additional 12 children who had been on a waiting list since January.  We will again duplicate what we have seen work in the first home -- a loving home, three meals a day, and the opportunity to attend school with the other children of HELO.

An addition to HELO's school was completed in March 2012, and HELO opened its doors to community children who were otherwise unable to attend school.  HELO currently provides a quality education to over eighty children from Preschool to 6th Grade. school1 Small   In May 2013, with a generous grant from Orphaned Starfish Foundation, a computer center was started at HELO's school, bringing education to a new level. magda small

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